Monday, August 3, 2009

Down the Hatch, Down the Line

Ugh, Monday.

If I wasn't so awsum, I'd hate to face Mondays like the rest of you.

It's weird to me---are Tuesdays like our Mondays for our characters? Do they wake up on Tuesday reset with their hair splattered and sticking up with Tenebron guts, finding themselves wearing some other class' tierpants as a helmet (and whatthefuck, it was gemmed wrong!), and a migraine the size of XT's heart from all the MGD (Morning Glory Dew) that went down the hatch?

What a wild weekend.

Anyways, since I'm a giver, I'll help you out. It's ok, you can thank me later.

If you face the rest of the day with the following in your head, gg to the rest of all your loser coworkers who are more miserable than you. Eff em anyway---they steal your yogurt thus fucking up your diet, and look through your CrateandBarrel catalog without ever returning it.

You know, when I was growing up, I made fun of what my parents listened to. Did you? I was way too cool and hip to even be in the same room. Our parents probably emoraged against their parents in the same fashion, and so on---it chains over and over like Thorim Lightning on hardmode, all the way back to some Caveman's spawn rolling its eyes and sticking its tongue out in defiance when Daddy played "Mammoth and Me" for the 50th time on Rokk Band.

Now that I have the privilege to look back, what a little shit I was. And you were too---what the hell did you know growing up?

Have you ever looked back on something in this game, and thought "what a little shit I was" or something to that effect. What a humbling and empowering experience it can be. Humbling, because somehow, despite your rampant toolbaggery and unwarranted snob enchant, you made it to today without having your teeth kicked in. If you could watch yourself do what you did, it'd be straight up embarrassing.

Empowering, because it's not just about RPG (remorse/pity/guilty). You made it to today after all and it's never too late.

And if you step up having seen the difference between what you were back then, what you are now, and what you could---no, should be, then somewhere down the line we'll be in a place where yogurt is shared, catalogs are returned, and even Mondays are great days.