Friday, July 24, 2009

Song and Dance

Koreans love Michael.

I can't explain it, we just do.

I don't like the hostguy sitting in the back though. My girl Bom is ripping it up on the meters and whatthefuck is he doing:

It's probably because Michael wasn't only a singer, but he was a dancer. Dancing is very important because of everything it involves---knowing how your body moves, keen ears for the music, spacial awareness, and sometimes tight flashy pants that sparkle + 4inch hooker clearheels that have goldfish in the platforms.

It's like your Recount DPS on a targetdummy in Stormwind---no one cares except that LVL29 Twink Rogue who's running by to grab more poisons from the vendor. He'll stop and watch for about 10sec before realizing he did more DPS than you in his last Arathi Basin. Anyways, targetdummy testing is just a weak clue to what you're really made of.

Performance in a real raid environment under real encounter mechanics is dancing, another story---if you can do it there, the weak clue comes alive with the joyous sound of music and your screen explodes into a mishmash of a Broadway musical and a Lil Jon video---you probably don't know what the hell is going on, but you love it.

Let's dance.


So yah, when ABC or The Way You Make Me Feel pops up on my cryTunes, the maintank might as well spam /sit and get critted---cause I ain't at the keyboard healing, I'm divawaltzing across my room lipsynching into my hairbrush bishes.