Monday, April 27, 2009

Take Care

From my first post evar:

"I've never posted a blog before. I've always thought they were 'meh' and I already pounded my keyboard enough throughout the day. But the first expansion for World of Warcraft is a few days away and I figured now would be a good time to keep some records about the game that has been keeping me busy for the last 3 years."

That was over 2 years ago.

Man, what a nooblol.


I've already notified Jong that he's being kicked out of the apartment pronto. I'll be sending back his Hannah Montana posters via mail, but I'm probably going to throw out the replica Darth Vader costume out, that shit is heavy.

BUT, I hope his few cross posts over here means you'll continue back to Forbearance, his own blog, to encourage and support him---I think he really has a gift with style/words.

I pass my torch to him, even if a male Blood Elf Pally already flames more than a torch ever could.


My journey with blogging about this game has come to its end. I enjoyed it immensely, and I can only hope the readers and other bloggers that have tagged along enjoyed it too.

There are more things in life that I'd like to enjoy, with the same energy/enthusiasm that I've put into blogging. If I free up some time by not blogging anymore, I can try those different things out with all my heart and soul.

There are many forms of happiness and fulfillment, I feel like it'd be a shame to miss out. I'd hate to think that at the end of my life, when I finally see God face to face, he'd pat me on the head and point out all the things that he had in store for me that I couldn't see---"you were doing it wrong."

Take care.


Rafa: "Braidsy.. listen to me. Just.. say you're sorry. You can still be with the Blizzard. What you've blogged and waited for. You can have all you ever wanted."
Braids: "I know. But I don't want it. No---I can't want it anymore."